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Verdelho is a white wine grape grown throughout Portugal, though most associated with the island of Madeira, and also gives its name to one of the four main types of Madeira wine. At the turn of the 20th century it was the most widely planted white grape in Madeira.

The grape is also grown in the Douro valley, where it is sometimes confused with the Gouveio grape. It is also a small component of some Vinho do Dão. Portuguese Verdelho is noted for its higher sugar content compared to what is typically achieved in the warmer climate of Madeira. In smaller quantities, it is grown in the Galicia region of Spain where it is called Verdello.

Verdelho can also be found in Argentina, with at least one producer marketing a varietal called simply Verdelho.

The grape has been successful in the vineyards of Australia, particularly the South Burnett wine region in Queensland, Hunter Region, Langhorne Creek, Cowra and the Swan Valley. Australian versions of Verdelho are noted for their intense flavors with hints of lime and honeysuckle and the oily texture that the wines can get after some aging.


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  1. The Vinita Wines Verdejo 2016

    Lemon yellow with Golden reflexes. In the nose, it shows very fresh and aromatic with fennel notes, freshly cut grass and some ripe fruits hints. On the palate, it is mellow and fleshy and leaves a pleasant fruity aftertaste. 

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  2. Bodegas Penafiel 'Baron de Filar' Verdejo 2016

    Tropical freshness, silky and gentle. Aged on its lees, cuddled and cared for preserving the elegance and aromatic complexity of this sublime Verdejo.

    Pale straw yellow colour with greenish hues. In the nose it is complex and intense with a strong presence of the hay aromas characteristic of the Verdejo variety, which give way to subtle notes of white flowers and white fruit such as apple. Elegant, intense and fatty, with strong acidity and bitter finish characteristic of the variety.

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  3. Bodegas Penafiel 'Alba de Miros' Verdejo 2016

    Bodegas Penafiel 'Alba de Miros' Verdejo 2016

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