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Sémillon wine is loved for its full body, like Chardonnay, but with flavors closer to Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc. It’s an important blending component in White Bordeaux and is also planted throughout Australia. In the US, Sémillon wines are usually a great price for their quality. Despite how cheap it is, Sémillon has the pedigree to be alongside the most popular white wines in the world. Find out all about Sémillon wine; how way it tastes, where it grows and what you’ll enjoy eating with it.

The primary fruit flavors in Sémillon wine are lemon, apple, pear and green papaya. There’s something very waxy about the taste of Sémillon which wine writers often describe as lanolin. Depending on where Sémillon is grown it can range from being a zesty, palate-cleansing wine like Sauvignon Blanc to a rich, creamy, lemon-flavored wine like oaked Chardonnay.

Cool Climate Sémillon When winemakers pick Sémillon less ripe, the wines have a lot more acidity and often resemble their popular cousin, Sauvignon Blanc. Citrus flavors of lemon, lime zest and grapefruit are accentuated in this style when winemakers don’t oak-age their Sémillon. A cooler climate Sémillon will also have more flower aromas. Cooler climate style Sémillon wines include Bordeaux, Hunter Valley Australia (a unique microclimate!), Western Australia and Washington State. In these areas, wines will have about 10-12% ABV


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  1. Ch. Raymond-Lafon 'Jeunes Pousses' Sauternes 2010

    Chateau Raymond-Lafon is literally across the road from Chateau d'Yquem - the world's most expensive white wine. Raymond-Lafon makes their sweet sauternes with the same mix of Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc as does Ch. d'Yquem. 'Jeunes Pousses' is the younger "brother" to the Raymond -Lafon's famous sweet Sauternes. Made in exactly the same way it receives 18 months barrel ageing instead of 36 months. A little less concentrated the name 'Jeunes Pousses' (young shoots) has nothing to do with the young vines; it refers to the Meslier family's children Michael and Gabriel -Marie Emmanuel, twins born in 2006. Light bodied with refreshing acidity & beautiful sweet pineapple overtones. Delicious with cheeses or Asian sweets.
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