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Barbera has long filled-in the low slopes and valleys of Northern Italy. It’s considered a lesser wine to Nebbiolo and, therefore, doesn’t earn the best grape-growing real estate (such as South-facing slopes on hills above the ‘nebbia’ or fog). Despite its lowly position, Barbera is the quintessential ‘wine of the people,’ it’s meant to be enjoyed young –and it’s cheap!
Discover this unique little grape and never again feel like you have to revert to ‘Chianti’ when looking for a great valued Italian wine.

Somehow Barbera wine tastes both rich and light-bodied. Why is that? Well, one reason is that it has dark staining pigments that dye the wine to near-black. However, the taste of Barbera has notes of strawberry and sour cherry: flavors synonymous with light-bodied wines. Light tannin and high acidity make it taste ‘Juicy’. Most of the Barbera you’ll find is from Italy which leans towards more herbaceous flavors, you can see the differences below.


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  1. Viberti 'La Gemella' Barbera DOC 2013

    When you dedicate a wine to your mother & also put her image on the label, then presumably the wine had best measure up to a high standard. That's exactly what Claudio Veberti has done with this delicious Barbera dedicated to his mother Gemella. This is indeed lovely Barbera; juicy, full bodied & vibrant with a long balanced finish. Top, top quality. Just like his Mum.....
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