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Organic Pinot Noir wine is defined as wine made from grapes grown in accordance with the respective defining principles of organic farming, which typically excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. The legal definition of organic Pinot Noir wine varies from country to country. The primary difference in the way that organic wine is defined relates to the use (or non use) of preservatives during the wine-making process.


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  1. Em's Table Organic Riesling 2016

    The Clare Valley is the home of Australia's finest Rieslings. Winemaker Rod Hooper "wrote the book" on how to produce organic & preservative free wines.

    He pioneered the technique to produce preservative free wines that eliminated the sulphites that are problematic for many wne consumers.

    A fragrant Riesling with orange blossom & lime notes, delicate yet elegant palate with lemon & lime flavours finishing with crisp clean natural acidity. Produced from Organic Riesling (certified by NASAA) grown in the Clare Valley.

    5 stars & Best Value Riesling – Winestate Magazine

    Best Value Buy – The Wine & Spirit Insider Magazine

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  2. Em's Table Organic 'Late Harvest' Riesling 2016

    Em's Table Organic 'Late Harvest' Riesling 2016

    Em's Table Organic 'Late Harvest' Riesling 2016

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