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Champagne in the Tropics...

Champagne in the Tropics

Serving Champagne in tropical temperatures of 30C can be a challenge. The problem is that Champagne flutes have a high surface-to-wine ratio, so with our high ambient temperatures the Champagne warms up in the glass very quickly.
Drinking warm Champagne is hardly a satisfying experience. Here’s how to make for a pleasurable Champagne experience.

• Put your Champagne flutes in the freezer so that they are ice cold when you want to serve.
• Give your Champagne about 45 minutes in the freezer – that drops the temperature down to about 2C. But set the timer on your iPhone so you don’t freeze the wine!

If you do both then Champagne will drink cold for 15 minutes or so. By then its time for a second glass anyway!





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