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Benchmark Wines

All things wine in Singapore!

  • Wine Snobs Are Right: Glass Shape Does Affect Flavor

    Scientists show glass geometry controls where and how vapor rises from wine, influencing taste
  • There are no (wine) secrets on the Internet

    So here you are, just back from your vacation in (fill in the blank) and you had that splendid wine in the restaurant with your beloved and you vowed to “find this wine at home”. How do I find that ‘special’ wine?
  • Chianti Ups The Ante!!

    Starting with the 2010 vintage, the Chianti region has introduced an additional quality designation – ‘Gran Selezione’.
  • Balance in a Wine - Four Key Factors

    Drinking wine must be a pleasant experience – otherwise why do it? The simple judgment is “does it taste good”? Different grapes produce different fruit tastes – so that’s the primary taste to look for. But then you need to look for the other four key factors that produce a pleasant and harmonious wine with “balance”. Its all about balance!
  • Exclusive Wine Tasting Dinner with John Ellis - Bellvale Wines

    John Ellis, Bellvale Wines, visited Singapore and Benchmark Wines on 12 October. We had the honor of hosting the renowned wine maker at the American Club for some of our most enthusiastic wine connoisseurs. The evening was a grea success and we look forward to hosting John again in the future..
  • Marsanne and Roussanne in Australia

    Noted Australian wine critic Jeremy Oliver notes “….. these Rhone Valley white varieties are enjoying resurgence across Australia's better wine regions, they're ….. a very interesting and worthwhile niche market.”
  • Should I Chill Red Wine?

    Many wine drinkers cling to the misconception that it is almost sacrilegious to chill a red wine before serving. This comes from the concept that red wines should be served at “room temperature”.
  • Is my wine 'corked'?

    The term ‘corked wine’ is often misunderstood – there is actually no visible defect in the cork. Rather a corked wine is the result of a tainted cork due to the presence of a chemical called TCA (for you chemists out there - 2, 4, 6-trichloroanisole). The most likely reason for its presence is as a result the use of chlorine to sterilize the corks.
  • When less is more...

    See Rebecca Morris on why low-sugar Champagne (like our Ph.Janisson 'Brut Nature' Grand Cru Prestige) has received wide critical acclaim and is gradually gaining more attention among the public...
  • Why have a wine fridge

    It's rather simple. View these three reasons..

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